• Toroso aims to help financial professionals understand, select and use ETFs efficiently. The company is a recognized ETF industry thought leader with more than 6 years of history researching and advising on ETFs and managing ETF portfolios
  • Toroso’s line of products and services includes ETFs (as sub-advisors or index providers), SMAs and Custom Portfolio Management Solutions all powered by the company’s ETF research
  • Toroso is headed by a team of professionals that have been proactive in the ETF industry for over a decade. The leadership team of Toroso is often sighted in industry publications such as Barron’s, the FT, WSJ and Bloomberg
  • Toroso has pioneered a unique ETF research software and portfolio management system. In addition, Toroso is the orginator of the first ETF Industry Think Tank and is also behind the TETFindex, which tracks the growth of publicly-traded companies working within the ETF ecosystem
  • Toroso produces a weekly research update on the ETF industry including proprietary indicators and metrics to track the growth of the ETF industry
  • Ultimately, Toroso aims to make a difference in its clients lives through its ETFs knowledge and expertise




Weekly Update

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Goldman exit shows shortage of ETF traders who make market tick

A shortage of specialized traders who oversee ETF transactions on stock exchanges is threatening the boom in exchange-traded funds.

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In the News

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With ETFs About to Be Easier to Build, Aspiring Money Managers Go Solo

Just ask the two wannabe asset managers who are planning new funds by themselves, away from the third-party ETF expert they previously relied....

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Quarterly Commentary

ETF Bubble – Separating Fact From Fiction

Our quantitive research tools suggest ETFs are not currently creating a bubble in in broad based market indexes like the S&P 500.

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